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Mares construction​

                                                                      RESIN INFUSION COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY

All Mares catamarans are built tough and kept light for optimal performance, using a resin infusion system. This manufacturing technique, ensures that all resin is vacuum infused into the polypropylene woven fabric. This to eliminate voids and allow for stronger, more thorough lamination. At the same time resin infusion, provides for a 70% glass to 30% resin ratio which is stronger and lighter than conventional methods, that result in 40% glass to 60% resin ratios.

Molds have to be Perfect 

Resin Infusion
Pod Instalation

Next, all tanks, electrical and mechanical rigging are done at the factory assuring that each Mares Catamaran is built to the highest standards. All marine hardware, fabrics and components have been chosen to perform in the ocean environment. At each stage of construction an industry leading Quality Control system is used to ensure consistency and premiere build quality. From our composite technology and top grade components to our final rigging and hi-gloss finish, before each boat is delivered it must undergo yet another round of In-Water testing and performance trials. Only after all the final adjustments and checks are made does it pass as a Mares Catamaran, a yacht that truly performs at all levels. Mares catamarans are without doubt some of the finest built yachts available today.

Custom Hull Colors 


Fit and finish 


Engine Room 

Mares Catamarans strive to use the most fuel efficient engines and drive systems on the market. Mares is also making a big difference with hull design and light weight construction.

Design =   Hull efficiency with the Mares cat hull using less power to move a boat though the water.
Construction =Resin infused giving a light weight strong hull, which  means less weight to push though the water or in the Mares case on top of the water .
Pod Drives =  More efficient less drag better maneuverability.
Foils= Mares use the latest foil   technology to maximize hull efficiency.
Fit and finish Step on board you will be overwhelmed at the interior styling and fit and finish.
Handling = Designed in New Zealand to be a boat that runs exceptionally well in rough water

Construction photos of the new 65 Ft Mares Catamaran 

All new mold construction for the 65 Motor Yacht 
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