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Mares Power 


Our History 

MARES which translates as the “Sea” was founded back in 1982 by a businessman who had a passion for fishing and a vision of the future. While in New Zealand, an area where seven-foot seas are the norm, he took notice of a particular catamaran design that flawlessly handled the harsh sea conditions. This catamaran rode easily across the crest of the waves, smoothly, evenly and with amazing control.
Realizing the great potential of this catamaran hull he started perfecting the unique Mares Design. Since then Mares has built power catamarans ranging from 21 to 90 feet.  Mares continues  to build stylish yachts with form and function and in 2011 launched  it's new series of power catamarans  which are some of the most fuel efficient yachts on the market. Striving to be as fuel efficient as possible, Mares is using the latest technology to accomplish this goal. Mares uses an asymmetrical cat hull, high tech resin infused light weight  construction, Pod  drives and foil assist in the tunnel to offer one of the most fuel efficient planning yachts in her class.
With the new sleek European styling, meticulous fit and finish this makes Mares a sensible alternative to yachtsmen seeking an answer to the rising fuel costs.
Mares CEO is Lenny Noble who has been part of Mares since 1995. If you have any questions about Mares feel free to contact Lenny personally

Mares has been building Catamarans for Over 25 Years here                      are a few of the models we have built in the past 

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